Pressure to get perfect shape 📣

  1. Problem of 99.99% people ….. right?😋

You must be thinking that those 0.01% are really lucky 🤔…but naaahh

Everyone has his first world problem.

People who are fat want to get slim n those who are slim want to gain weight.Andddd the ones who are normal want to get more normal 😑

We people never get satisfied  raama re raama 😋 well,i am also one from that unsatisfied population who crave for perfect body.Acha,does anyone know figures for a perfect body??

There are many factors involved .. depending on height ,place these figures change…yes u read right .. “PLACE”

Places like Nauru,Tahiti,jamaica n many more.. consider being fat as a beauty symbol…and about places where slim girls are favoured ,everyone knows 😑.so the point is we can never be perfect for everyone.

My problem is that I am very thin..(THIN  not SLIM) and my best friend’s is that she is fat 😥

We get different different comments but the pressure is same.sometimes we wish we could share body fat 😋

People tag our Jodi as ‘Motu Patlu’ Jodi … difference is that my Motu doesn’t eat samosa as in cartoon Motu eats😁

Dkho I really eat alot n my friend eats very less but the effect is opposite…

Achaa let me share some comments we are used to and to which I think everyone can relate…

**For thin beauties 😋

•Beta, roti tumhe khati h ya tum roti ko

•beta ,Kuch kha liya kar wrna shadi k baad kse manage Hoga

•pakad kar Chala kar kbi udd jae hwa m

N many more ••••

**For chubby cuties 🤣

•ae moti!!!

•beta,thodi exercise kar lia kar wrna kse shadi hogi

•aalu ki bori, Double roti, hathi..such so called names become identity

Wse we have advantage while taking  group selfies..I am the one who stands in front so that my face looks somewhat bigger n my friend stands last to get thin face effect 😉

Good news is that from past 10 days we both are on mission …mission to get ourselves in normal category ..wse toh we were on mission many times before also but this time we are serious because this time our aim is to get healthy body ..not to get tempting curves …

Seriously what we have learnt from our experiences is that there is no term like perfect body …what matters is the healthy body…and when you are healthy ,you automatically glows 😇

But the most important thing remains that you are very beautiful the way you love your body and care for it 🤗

Don’t feel pressurized ,just start caring then you will automatically get what you want ( perfect body 😝😬-kidding 😁)

Do write if you guys enjoyed 🙂